Cau Airclub

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The Universal Airclub has room for anyone with a passion to fly, airplane pilots (private and commercial), ultralight, glider…

These are the advantages of being a member of CAU:

  • • Being a member of a club where you can become a better pilot and person.
  • • Various aeronautical activities: from a “Flying Paella” to participating in activities like our “Vuelta Aérea” (Air Tour).
  • Ideal facilities for every aspect of flight preparation and flight realization.
  • Important discounts on flights and access to other deals.
  • Priority in aircraft rental.
  • Currently, as a promotion, you can enjoy the company of a flight instructor included in your flight fee (without any additional cost) to review and improve your flights.
  • Be the first to get information on events/dinners to be organized, at our airfield or club.
  • Enjoy activities organized by other clubs, due to the connection of CAU with other clubs and entities, it is possible to participate in a great number of events.
  • Enjoy speeches about aviation given by members of CAU and related organizations.
  • Aeronautical English course and discount on your proficiency test.
  • Discount on shop items.
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