The Aerodrome

The regional aerodrome of Soria-Garray (LEGY) is an aeronautical facility that provides general interest services to the province of Soria. Important services such as fire extinction have their base at these facilities. It also provides important services to general and sports aviation.


Soria aerodrome is situated in an excellent geographical area in the middle of the Duero Valley. It´s beautiful scenery and nature, with forests, mountains, valleys and grassland make it the perfect environment to practice your passion for flight.

We have all the services you need, from hangar space to flight school or gliding. All this combined with a touristic and cultural variety that the area offers to make your stay as complete and satisfactory as possible.

Set in a unique environment at 7 km of Soria city, Garray offers the visitor a varied set of touristic, gastronomic and landscaping possibilities.

We must mention the ruins of the pre-roman city of Numancia, the dinosaur footprint route, the Garray roman Hermitage national monument and a perfect environment for excursions and hiking.

Services at the user´s disposal:




Hangar space and parking

Avgas and mogas fuel (JET A-1 on demand)

Camping area

Briefing room/Classroom

Exterior for airplanes and glider towing

All these activities are welcome at our airfield:

General aviation

Ultralight aviation



Flight schools

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